AWS Migration for Enhanced Resilience and Security on a Critical Financial Services Platform

AWS Migration for Enhanced Resiliency and Security


The Customer is a growing EU-focused cryptocurrency trading platform who provides their customers with white-label solutions to solve their crypto and forex needs. Being a financial services platform, they place paramount importance on disaster recovery and uninterrupted operational uptime. As they continued to grow, it became evident that their on-premises data centers could no longer meet the escalating demands for services and uptime. In their journey to navigate the intricacies of securely managing cryptocurrency in the cloud, the Customer  wanted to utilize cloud technology to establish a resilient and ever-ready disaster recovery site.

They  looked to Protagona to design and build the new AWS-based DR recovery solution and PII document storage to allow for increased corporate resiliency and operational security.


Protagona worked closely with the Customer to migrate a full version of their production workload onto the cloud while maintaining a full sync of data between the two platforms in RDS. The newly built environment allowed for seamless failover of environments between on-prem and cloud, giving them the ability to seamlessly schedule downtimes and upgrades for their trading platform.

Protagona also leveraged FSx to build a full data storage solution allowing the Customer to store artifacts that contain PII, required by anti-money-laundering legislation in a secure, reliable, and cost-effective manner on AWS.

Tech Stack
  • Direct Connect
  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon RDS
  • AWS S3
  • AWS FSx
  • IPSec


Resiliency – Through the strategic implementation of disaster recovery on AWS, the Customer achieved a greater than 90% increase in customer-facing uptime, paving the way for ongoing advancements in their platform’s performance.

Agility –The Customer acquired the capacity to schedule platform downtime and seamlessly transition to the designated environment as needed, affording them unparalleled operational flexibility.

Security Compliance –By harnessing the robust capabilities of FSX and adhering to the stringent security protocols advocated by AWS, the Customer fortified the comprehensive security of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, concurrently achieving the dual objectives of heightened security and cost optimization.

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