Migrate & Sustain your workloads on AWS

Migration Planning

Where we begin every cloud transformation is as unique as the company itself.  Some companies are looking to significantly reduce infrastructure costs.  Others are looking to increase speed and agility. Before we get into the details of how you should adopt the cloud, we first want to understand why.

Our engagements are designed to build a migration plan with these business objectives and ensure architecture artifacts that fits the design and workload rationalization. Our teams have experience delivering on a wide array of promises, so let’s partner together to make those promises a reality. 

Cloud Foundation

The foundation is critical to any transformation taking place.  With a migration plan in mind, we build out a scalable landing zone that is specifically designed to host your workloads by embracing Infrastructure-as-Code to build immutable environments. Key deliverables during this early phase in the journey can include designing account structures for cost visibility and separation of responsibilities, deploying your base networking layer, security, and DevOps pipelines.

Well-Architected Reviews

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, an AWS Well-Architected Review is a great way to confirm that you’re maximizing the value of your AWS investment. You’ll come away from your review knowing how closely you are following the Framework’s best practices. For any High Risk Items (HRIs) that are identified, we’ll help you close as many as possible, and provide actionable next steps to close any that remain. Simple as that.

Application-Driven Migrations

Now that we have the foundational elements of your cloud infrastructure built, we are ready to execute the plan to migrate workloads based on the rationalization exercise.  The public cloud offers unique services and capabilities to rethink how you approach your operations landscape as you migrate.  For that reason, we tend to embrace application based migrations as it puts your applications front and center.  

Companies that see the most value in moving to the public cloud are usually the ones that adopt these new capabilities and embrace new behaviors in their teams as they focus more on building solutions and less on maintaining infrastructure.  

Operational Excellence

As we analyze data for the applications that are now running in your automated cloud environment, we further tune your systems for performance, cost and operational efficiency.  This process involves making data driven decisions from your monitoring dashboards, aggregated log records and cost forecasting reports.  The outcome will not only result in immediate, tangible benefits – it will define a roadmap for continuous improvement your organization will build upon in the years to come.

Case Studies

Leveraging automation and alerting for sustainable cost control within a multi-region AWS environment Challenge Our customer in the Ad Tech industry had built their marketing

American Security is one of the largest providers of connected safes to both consumers and small businesses. Their CashWizard online portal enables their customers to

Leveraging EC2 ImageBuilder Pipelines for Infrastructure Security and Modernization at Scale Challenge Our customer in the cloud communications industry runs their incredibly robust and secure

Migration and Modernization of a Global Crypto Platform “Protagona’s holistic approach was key in helping us achieve the levels of automation and observability that we wanted

Leveraging AWS AI/ML services to automate the identification of various cost savings opportunities for customers in the energy space Challenge Our client provides their partners

Migrated to AWS RDS to set the stage for application scalability, high availability and take full advantage of managed services Challenge Our customer approached our

We aided our client in shifting security to the cloud for better visibility, predictability, and self-healing Challenge The client had a deep bench of in-house

AWS Solutions

Automation Runs In The Heart Of Everything We Do

Adoption & Migration

We guide you through our systematic migration playbook that focuses on desired business outcomes before addressing the technology and skills required to successfully move your operations into AWS.

Security & compliance

Architect and build solutions that meet PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, HITRUST and other compliance requirements in an AWS.

Infrastructure Automation

Leverage Cloudformation to automate, modularize, and decouple your infrastructure deployments as code. We put immutability front and center to increase stability and confidence.

Containers & Microservices

Modernize your applications to be modular and flexible, allowing your teams to deploy more frequently with less dependencies.

Lambda & Serverless

Take advantage of built-in scalability, on-demand pricing and complete infrastructure automation by leveraging AWS serverless components such as Lambda to build or modernize your application stack.


Evaluate your AWS environment against the 5 key pillars of the Well-Architected Framework - Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization.


Automate and scale infrastructure components required to support your data journey, from database provisioning to data security, pipelines and analytics.

RDS & Data Migrations

Migrate your databases to AWS RDS and take advantage of infrastructure automation, scaling and built-in redundancy across multiple datacenters and/or regions.


Continually enhance application reliability and performance in AWS with proven SRE practices, allowing your team to focus on adding business functionality with confidence.

Cost Optimization

Address growing cloud spend challenges in your AWS environment by embracing elastic architectural designs and dynamic infrastructure provisioning.

AWS Systems Manager automation

Maintain your security and compliance by using AWS Systems Manager, leveraging the built in features to seamlessly view, manage, and patch your infrastructure.


Embrace automation across all facets of your organization by leveraging native AWS services that make it simple to build, configure, deploy and monitor your systems in AWS.

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