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Protagona’s IDP Foundations is a focused, one week engagement centered around creating the infrastructure to implement a POC Document ingestion pipeline  in AWS.  This is

Designing data ingestion and data processing pipelines to enable the collection, integration, and transformation of data To scale new customers on HungryFriend’s platform “The experience

Scaling a Major Telecom Company’s footprint through Amazon Chime Challenge The Customer is an enterprise-level cloud faxing platform provider credited with inventing the first-ever enterprise

Guiding and prescribing the Cure to Rapid Growth Issues Challenge Our customer provides their users with recorded evidence of teaching and learning throughout different stages

Curing the source of containerization issues – not the symptoms Challenge La Web Shop provides their clients with e-commerce expertise to help build and maintain

AWS Migration for Enhanced Resilience and Security on a Critical Financial Services Platform Challenge The Customer is a growing EU-focused cryptocurrency trading platform who provides

Architecting data streaming for ultra-high throughput, dispersed IoT workloads, real-time complex event processing and response Challenge Subeca provides intelligent and innovative solutions in the realm

Leveraging AWS AI/ML services to automate the identification of various cost savings opportunities for customers in the energy space Challenge Our client provides their partners

American Security is one of the largest providers of connected safes to both consumers and small businesses. Their CashWizard online portal enables their customers to

American Security is one of the largest providers of connected safes to both consumers and small businesses. Their CashWizard online portal enables their customers to

Leveraging EC2 ImageBuilder Pipelines for Infrastructure Security and Modernization at Scale Challenge Our customer in the cloud communications industry runs their incredibly robust and secure

“Protagona’s holistic approach was key in helping us achieve the levels of automation and observability that we wanted of our platform. Their expertise and commitment to

Maintaining security and compliance by using AWS Systems Manager, leveraging built-in features to seamlessly view, manage, and patch your infrastructure. Challenge Our customer had an

Establishing Enterprise Serverless Adoption by Automating Java-based AWS Lambda Serverless Workloads Challenge Our customer is in the transportation and logistics industry, with a massive existing

Migrated to Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) to set the stage for application scalability, high availability and take full advantage of managed services Challenge

Creating A Containerization Center of Excellence to modernize applications in an enterprise Challenge Our client launched many successful products in the financial services space, demanding

Leveraging automation and alerting for sustainable cost control within a multi-region AWS environment Challenge Our customer in the Ad Tech industry had built their marketing

We aided our client in shifting security to the cloud for better visibility, predictability, and self-healing Challenge The client had a deep bench of in-house

Automating today to prepare for tomorrow—we assisted our client in transitioning from reactive-to-proactive development through the use of strategic automation Challenge After three years of

A locally owned, south-central US-based bank approached us with a vision—to spearhead crypto disruption within traditional banking Challenge Our client envisioned launching a unique, disruptive

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