Protagona was founded by passionate technologists and practitioners who have helped hundreds of organizations adopt the cloud. Over the last decade, we’ve built cloud service organizations, sought out sustainable technology practices and developed innovative solutions alongside our clients and partners.

We’ve seen the common challenges, successes and failures of implementing cloud transformation across a multitude of industries, all while witnessing the role people and culture play in the outcome. We certainly love technology, but our true passion is people—people who want to seed adoption and create sustainable change within their organizations. We believe in a world where cloud solutions can be implemented holistically, celebrating the importance of both people and tech. It is from this place that Protagona was born.

Who We Are

People are the heart and soul of what we do. Our customers are our number one priority. We exist to help you to reach your highest level of success.

We are in love with technology. The power and potential of this tool is endlessly intriguing to us and we are here to help tailor it to your needs.

Above all, we are mindful. Every action we take comes from a place of empathy, positivity, and consideration. 

Who We're Not

We choose depth over breadth, achieving mastery over a smaller collection of capabilties instead of dividing our attention for the sake of variety.

We promise not to trap you in the brainstorming phase. We believe that iterative changes and rapid action seed business agility.

We are a team-based configuration composed of practitioners who are excited about working alongside our clients to solve problems.

Our Core Values


The Heart of it All




Win Together

Meet Our Leaders

Miguel Pereira

Practice Manager, Cloud Acceleration

Jennifer Wu

Practice Manager, Delivery

Jordan Wester

VP, Professional Services

Alex Ireland

Practice Manager, Cloud Acceleration

Waleed Bekheet

Founder & CEO

Ethan Schumann

Practice Director, Cloud Acceleration

Josh Poole

Business Development Leader

Kory Taborn

Lead Architect, Cloud Acceleration

Mahmoud Ibrahim

Solutions Architect, Cloud Acceleration

Joshua Walker

Solutions Architect, Cloud Acceleration

Joe Solito

Solutions Architect, Cloud Acceleration

Ryan Wiseman

Solutions Architect, Cloud Acceleration

Carson Youman

Lead Architect, Cloud Acceleration

Jason Blythe

Practice Manager, Data Engineering

Let's have some fun.

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