Protagona was founded by passionate technologists and practitioners who have helped hundreds of organizations adopt the cloud. Over the last decade, we’ve built cloud service organizations, sought out sustainable technology practices and developed innovative solutions alongside our clients and partners.

We’ve seen the common challenges, successes and failures of implementing cloud transformation across a multitude of industries while witnessing the role people and culture play in the outcome. We certainly love technology, but our true passion is people—people who want to seed adoption and create sustainable change within their organizations. We believe in a world where cloud solutions can be implemented holistically, celebrating the importance of both people and tech. It is from this place that Protagona was born.

Our Core Values

People First

Our people are at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about growing and investing in our people as they seek to do the same for our clients.


We believe a humble attitude toward our work and the relationships we build is key to growing and maintaining our culture of innovation.


We don't settle for "good enough" - our drive takes us beyond knowledge and understanding, striving to be the very best at what we do.


We are free to explore the areas we are passionate about in a safe environment, taking risks along the way, as we relentlessly strive for improvement.

Win together

We make sure we celebrate our success along the way, using each win as motivation to continue growing together.

Open Roles

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Let's have some fun!