Scaling a Major Telecom Company's footprint through Amazon Chime

Chime Number Porting and Consolidation


The Customer is an enterprise-level cloud faxing platform provider credited with inventing the first-ever enterprise fax server. As the Customer’s business has grown over the years, so too has the number of fax and telephone numbers ordered and housed through their various providers. Over time, it became apparent to the Customer that the potential benefits of consolidating to a single platform and provider were worth exploring further.

With the goal of simplifying the processes and costs associated with managing the fax and telephone numbers offered to their clientele, the Customer elected to consolidate their VoIP numbers to Amazon’s Chime platform.


Protagona worked closely with the Customer and their many vendors to successfully port approximately 68,000 numbers to the Amazon Chime platform.

This innovative approach afforded the Customer a unified and streamlined interface for overseeing their numbers, while also integrating with their existing AWS-based infrastructure. As a result of project, the Customer reaped substantial benefits, including noteworthy cost optimization and a substantial reduction in operational overhead for their central business platform.

Tech Stack
  • Amazon Chime
  • Amazon Chime Voice Connector


Cost Optimization –Customer achieved substantial savings through the consolidation of internal vendors and platforms, resulting in reduced operational overhead and expenses.

Single Pane of Glass –Dispensing with the need to engage and manage multiple sources and vendors for fax and phone numbers, the Customer now wields the capability to centrally manage their entire fleet of numbers through a singular, unified console.


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