Curing the source of containerization issues - not the symptoms

Cloud + Kubernetes Optimization


La Web Shop provides their clients with e-commerce expertise to help build and maintain comprehensive solutions to online retailing, hosting and web presence.

Since adopting the conviction to modernize their application and infrastructure stack, La Web Shop have moved towards a modern containerized Kubernetes architecture built on EKS and wanted to be certain that they were adopting AWS in adherence with best practices.

Since adopting AWS and EKS for their core stack, La Web Shop sought architectural and Kubernetes affirmations of their approach and subsequently sought the advice of Protagona to act as their SMEs on the subjects.


Protagona worked closely in partnership with La Web Shop to perform a Well Architected Framework Review (WAFR), an Immersion Day focused on EKS optimization, and a Kubernetes Optimization Engagement for AWS applications.

From top-to-bottom, we’ve engaged pragmatically to assess each layer of the application stack employed by La Web Shop to understand the symptoms – and subsequently prescribe curative practices.

Using our series of three engagements we’ve assessed La Web Shop’s approach, and subsequently provided a prescriptive path to the desired state of operations and infrastructure.


Tech Stack
  • AWS EC2
  • EKS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Postgres
  • MongoDB


Administrative and operational security – In the act of adopting AWS native security services and automation, La Web Shop have significantly lowered their adoption and ongoing cost for ITSM operations. AWS native services now record every event, API call and audit entry possible, as well as ingesting, evaluating and alerting.

Cost Efficiency – By adopting optimal scaling methods, La Web Shop was able to heavily optimize scaling and provisioning techniques for potentially large sums in savings.

Business Continuity Assurance – Backups for all infrastructure and components necessary for disaster recovery are now all automated, replicated between regions and based on tagging. This allows La Web Shop to deploy and redeploy between regions with ease in the event of outage or deployment change requirements


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