A locally owned, south-central US-based bank approached us with a vision—to spearhead crypto disruption within traditional banking


Our client envisioned launching a unique, disruptive capability that enables customers to trade Cryptocurrencies with full integration into existing traditional bank accounts. This concept introduced myriad technical challenges and ramifications yet to be addressed within the industry.

Their existing landscape was complex and involved a variety of vendors with technical expertise in disparate areas. In addition to this complexity, the software development team was facing a pending launch of mission critical systems that had been in the works for over a year. Stress was high.

That’s where we came in. About halfway through the development cycle, Protagona was brought on to provide the necessary cross-functional expertise to drive delivery for all aspects of AWS.


We immediately began collecting information to formulate a production roadmap with a sharp focus on reactive, proactive, and transformative phases.

The implementation phase was broken into activities that adhered to these three focus areas, creating a clear backlog of work to support both tactical and long-term strategic goals. We employed various cloud native services to create this new environment.

We implemented many patterns to create a sustainable way continue day 2 operations. For example,  we implemented various Systems Manager capabilities to address the organizations need for better visibility and ongoing management of their fleet.  By leveraging AWS SSM the client was able to control and allow access to instances without the use of localized SSH keys, assess and patch their existing infrastructure, and reliably maintain and deploy software packages across their entire enterprise.

Tech Stack

IaC (AWS Cloudformation)

AWS Systems Manager

Serverless (AWS Lambda)

Security (AWS WAF, AWS Cloudfront)

Scalability (AWS Amplify)

Resilience (AWS RDS)

Operational Excellence


Business—Not only was the client able to realize their vision, they were able to drastically accelerate their time-to-market; releasing their new platform, mobile app, and ad campaign on time with all 1.0 features included. The platform and mobile app received thousands of downloads on the first day alone and overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Cloud Adoption—The success of this project expanded the overall expertise of the team and fueled a desire to continue building on AWS. To this day, we remain firmly partnered with this client; actively designing and building future initiatives.

Culture—We were able to initiate a transition from “point-in-time” development to an investment in repeatable, immutable, and long-lasting solutions by introducing a sense of consistency and ease-of-use into our solutions. The client’s technology teams were very appreciative and enthusiastic about these enhancements.

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