Automating today to prepare for tomorrow—we assisted our client in transitioning from reactive-to-proactive development through the use of strategic automation


After three years of AWS migration and an ongoing expansion of workloads, automated environments became imperative to the success of our client’s growth and business demands.

The client’s existing landscape involved a complex assortment of workloads that varied in size and criticality. Updates, patches, and new functionality rollouts were often painful because the manual nature of the environment often led to imprecise coordination and planning.

Protagona was brought in midway through 2021 to perform triage and conduct an environment takeover, after which we were able to  implement an architectural modernization and uplift.


We conducted strategic planning sessions with the client to identify primary initiatives and pinpoint any organizational gaps related to AWS. These initiatives were used to define a rolling 90-day backlog of work.

With a clear vision and complete backlog defined, our engineers and architects got to work; building new capabilities, addressing tech debt, and training Customer employees along the way. This increased focus and clarity of vision instilled a workflow that is still in use to this day.

As part of setting up a baseline for infrastructure automation, we chose Cloudformation templates as the primary tool to drive environments changes. This allows us to provision their environment as code and gives increased stability by the immutable nature of it. By leveraging Cloudformation, the client will also have reusable and modular templates of infrastructure. With these modularized infrastructure components, the velocity of their cloud adoption journey was greatly increased. The templates provide an easy startup when they want to migrate or create new applications using AWS. 

Tech Stack

AWS CloudFormation


AWS Security Hub

AWS CodeDeploy

AWS Config

AWS Cloudwatch

AWS OpenSearch

AWS Organizations

 AWS Control Tower


Business—The client was able to take true ownership of their environment, beginning with a heightened focus on visibility and alerting practices. This led to proactive decision making that enhanced the customer experience of their business and mobile applications.

Cloud Adoption—The client embraced AWS as the defacto standard for building new stacks. What was once an apprehensive relationship with the the cloud became a solid partnership defined by progress, ease of use, and acceleration.

Culture—The client’s technology teams were excited by the expertise and guidance we were able to provide. It increased their confidence in leveraging more cloud-native AWS services (i.e. Serverless) and enhanced their ability to make rapid decisions and successful implementation changes. Gone were the days of configuration drift and manual processing. With our help, they were able to usher in a new world of automation, repeatability, and consistency.

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