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Well Architected Framework Review


Our customer provides their users with recorded evidence of teaching and learning throughout different stages of career development in the armed forces. As their business grows rapidly, so too does their consumption of AWS services and infrastructure.

This client’s technical leadership suspected that they were not yet making the best use of scaling-friendly practices within AWS, and were also seeking solutions and recommendations to ensure that they maintain compliance requirements for FedRamp and DoD Impact levels.

For these reasons they  enlisted the aid of Protagona to consult on the current and future states of both their infrastructure and application stack methodologies.


Protagona worked closely in partnership with this customer to perform a Well Architected Framework Review (WAFR) and subsequently to scope out additional formative architectural changes needed to take full advantage of AWS.

The undertaken WAFR was used as a barometer to gauge the customer’s level of cloud adoption on AWS and shape their journey.

As a result of the WAFR, Protagona helped identify a handful of other projects and opportunities that can better situate the customer that are also eligible for AWS funding opportunities.

Tech Stack
  • AWS EC2
  • ALBs


Administrative and operational security – In the act of adopting AWS native security services and automation, the customer has significantly lowered their adoption and ongoing cost for ITSM operations. AWS native services now record every event, API call and audit entry possible, as well as ingesting, evaluating and alerting.

Operational Efficiency – After receiving recommendations from Protagona during this WAFR engagement, the customer has shifted administration methods from traditional direct-to-host methods to AWS native tooling and processes.

Business Continuity Assurance – Backups for vital compute and database components necessary for disaster recovery are now all automated and replicated between regions and based on tagging. If a worst-case outage scenario presented itself for the business, they would be able to resume business operations in the newly designated disaster recovery region.

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