Big Data & DataOps

In today’s age, data is a major key to unlock your true business insights. Data management can be overwhelming and time-consuming, pushing you further from actually leveraging your data, and into a data black hole. Leveraging cloud services to unify data sources ingestion & processing through automated pipelines can help you focus on taking actions. We can help you assess existing workloads and plan migrations to build secure, automated, and more cost-effective solutions – Solutions that scales to serve as a foundation for our other data services.

Data Analytics

Now that you’ve created automated pipelines, you can be more confident and impactful in your data analysis. With the cloud being a central hub for managed tools and operations, this opens many opportunities to leave bare-metal and tool dependency behind and get innovative with your data with the least restrictions. This will truly give you the agility to empower your products, solutions, and data access. Whether you are using analytics to take real-time actions, or simply looking to visualize data for reporting, our team is passionate about making this a reality.

Machine Learning & Data Science

There is no doubt that machine learning is marching toward being the forefront of business innovation. What used to be a far reached technology is now a foundational capability within major cloud platforms. Machine learning takes your analytics to the next level by being able to predict and recognize patterns about your products, users, and services and give you a competitive advantage. We help you create or reuse models and wrap them in an iterative deployment pipeline that takes your models from inception and development to production. This model automation approach is essential in avoiding model staling with your ever-changing data.

Case Studies

RDS Migration

Migrated to AWS RDS to set the stage for application scalability, high availability and take full advantage of managed services

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