Cloud platforms offer a rapidly evolving ecosystem of integrated products, presenting endless possibilities to reimagine the architectural direction of your applications.  In fact, many companies are choosing to take advantage of these new capabilities for their most critical workloads early in their cloud journey rather than waiting for their cloud migration to be complete.  Optimize for performance, cost, security and availability while also boosting the productivity of your engineers.

Containerization / Serverless

Modernizing applications on the public cloud today likely involves a move to either containers or serverless computing, and for good reason.  Companies are taking advantage of a wide array of benefits as they move toward these technologies, and managed solutions offered by cloud providers has made them easier than ever to adopt.  We engineer solutions that meet your current business objectives while also providing a framework for growth by answering questions like: What are you going to use for service discovery?  How can you track and mitigate new security concerns?  Best practices for managing builds and deployments?

Microservices Ecosystems

Building microservices can offer organizations a greater level of flexibility and agility compared to traditional monolithic applications.  Operating those microservices at scale, however, presents an entirely new set of challenges.  New tools, such as service discovery, need to be adopted for abstractions and dependency mapping.  Advanced API gateway solutions need to be embraced to enable complex routing and versioning.  Our teams will guide you through these concerns using a wholistic approach to adopting microservices in a responsible, maintainable way.

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