DevOps is a fundamental principle of operating in the cloud and hybrid environments. Beyond the technical aspects, we believe DevOps is a mindset that changed how industries approach their product development process. While we operate with this mindset in delivering all of our services, this service focuses on automating end-to-end solutions and applying DevOps disciplines across your organization. From Infrastructure and security automation to automated builds and deployments, we can help you implement secure, self-healing pipelines to increase your deployment frequency and speed your time to market. 

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

SRE takes is a mindset with a scripted approach to ensure continuously reliable and scalable systems, by implementing specific KPIs and disciplines. With the objective of reaching near-zero downtime, SRE takes a software-based approach to operation resilience. Whether you are already operating under SRE guiding principles and looking to scale your team, or looking for a fully scaled SRE service, our SRE team is ready to help. 

Security & Compliance Automation

Cloud platforms offer a great opportunity to re-think security and compliance with ever-increasing cloud-native services. With the beauty of cloud managed services, it is now easier to act on “Shift-Left” throughout your development process. Automation is the key to get out of the traditional thinking and approach changes with certainty. We start every engagement with understanding your security and compliance needs and then implement pipelines of control automations that are easy to test, integrate, and release. 

AWS Solutions

Automation Runs In The Heart Of Everything We Do

Adoption & Migration

We guide you through our systematic migration playbook that focuses on desired business outcomes before addressing the technology and skills required to successfully move your operations into AWS.

Security & compliance

Architect and build solutions that meet PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, HITRUST and other compliance requirements in an AWS.

Infrastructure Automation

Leverage Cloudformation to automate, modularize, and decouple your infrastructure deployments as code. We put immutability front and center to increase stability and confidence.

Containers & Microservices

Modernize your applications to be modular and flexible, allowing your teams to deploy more frequently with less dependencies.

Lambda & Serverless

Take advantage of built-in scalability, on-demand pricing and complete infrastructure automation by leveraging AWS serverless components such as Lambda to build or modernize your application stack.


Evaluate your AWS environment against the 5 key pillars of the Well-Architected Framework - Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimization.


Automate and scale infrastructure components required to support your data journey, from database provisioning to data security, pipelines and analytics.

RDS & Data Migrations

Migrate your databases to AWS RDS and take advantage of infrastructure automation, scaling and built-in redundancy across multiple datacenters and/or regions.


Continually enhance application reliability and performance in AWS with proven SRE practices, allowing your team to focus on adding business functionality with confidence.

Cost Optimization

Address growing cloud spend challenges in your AWS environment by embracing elastic architectural designs and dynamic infrastructure provisioning.

AWS Systems Manager automation

Maintain your security and compliance by using AWS Systems Manager, leveraging the built in features to seamlessly view, manage, and patch your infrastructure.


Embrace automation across all facets of your organization by leveraging native AWS services that make it simple to build, configure, deploy and monitor your systems in AWS.

Case Studies

Crypto Platform on AWS

A locally owned, decades-old, south-central US-based bank approached us with a vision—to spearhead crypto disruption within traditional banking Challenge Our

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